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Hi I'm James, co-creator of Golden Mana.

From a young age I felt deeply connected to God and nature, sitting for long periods under trees and in camps I became acutely aware of the beauty and mystery of life. Trances and visions came spontaneously and this I believe inspired my life path.

Later in my teens I became involved in the New Age scene, dabbling in meditation and psychedelics. This become a turbulent ride, becoming a father at 23 I took refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha for ten years. A focus on living impeccably and being in service to others took shape and insights and realisations brought deep peace during this period.

A restlessness and a feeling of having to keep it all together, self-imposed rules and control was strong, until everything crumbled. Living in the wake of a broken marriage, career and health a deeper enquiry into “Who am I” began. Over six years of being close to my teacher Paul Hurcomb, self-realisation occurred. I finally knew who I was, and it felt exhilarating and freeing.  During this time I also provided opportunities for others to meet and meditate.

After a string of failed relationships and a disconnection from the world I realised I had deep emotional work to do! With my partner and Spirit mate Deva I felt encouraged and safe to meet places that I had been unable to access. Deep trauma was released and a more conscious care for all aspects of myself prevailed.

Aura Transformation came into my life at a time where I was being called to come deeper into my body. I felt a strong longing to integrate all that I have learned over the years into a service that I can offer and not long after I trained to become an Aura Mediator.

I feel committed to empowering others to find peace within themselves and to find purpose within the New Energies that are here on Earth.

I provide a healing Presence during the AuraTransformation process. Creating the Space for you to reclaim all of your Spirit Energy and to walk in the world with strength, vitality and purpose.

Hi, I am Deva Yasmin. Welcome to the Golden Mana website. It brings so much joy to my heart that you are here.

I am so excited and ready to share my passion for spiritual awakening and human evolution with you all. For many years I have wanted to create community, to connect, grow and inspire change in our world together. Creating Golden Mana is my platform for stepping towards this, I am here to inspire and spread a the message, If we dream of a new Earth for ourselves and our children, then first we must create the space for newness inside ourselves. Golden Mana is here to support you in this journey.

I didn't always have a deep connection with nature, as I have matured on my path of spiritual awakening and healing, it is the care for others and our Earth that has really grown.

It used to be too painful to look at the world as I felt hopeless in how to change things or how to support people in their challenges. Eventually what I realised is that I only have the ability to change how I perceive the world, through expanding my awareness and clearing the old belief systems that blinded me. As I have opened my mind, heart and body through travel, meditation, energy healing, dance, yoga, Aura transformation and many other things, I have come to see that as I shift so do my relationships, my life and my world.

Working with Aura Transformation has really inspired me to further explore our human potential. I want to support people to move past limiting beliefs about how life is and dare to dream and create a life that both empowers them and supports the evolution of the whole. 

I want to breakdown the separation between our spirits and our physical reality, so we can become efficient, heart centred beings living out the part we came to play here on Earth. 

My deepest longing is for us all to remember our divine essence as Love, as when we recognise all we long for exists within us, we liberate ourselves. This is where we can really begin to move beyond who we have been lead to believe we are, and create new ways of being together on this Earth.

I am ready to walk this path with you and it is an honour to do so.

 So much love, Deva Yasmin x

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