A new time on Earth...

Today a new energy is unfolding on planet Earth that was not available for humanity until recently. This energy is a dynamic and love intelligent energy that is helping the planet and its population to create a more love intelligent and balanced environment.

For a smooth integration of the new time energy, it is important for human beings to raise their consciousness and frequency to be in sync with our Earth. An Aura Transformation offers the opportunity to move into alignment with the new time and become a effective, heart centred part of humanities evolution.

What is Aura Transformation?

AuraTransformation is a consciousness expansion method, here to support beings to move into the New Time energy that has been and continues entering our earth since 1995 with the arrival of the Indigo/crystal children.

An upgrade of the Aura structure from the old time to the new time is a radical, life changing opportunity which brings more balance, radiance and clarity of life Dharma into your life.

Each one of us has our own personal spirit energy that has come into this Life with a purpose, through AuraTransformation your individual consciousness will begin the process of entering your physical body right down into your cells bridging the gap between your consciousness and your physical life.


No longer is spirituality leading us into the mountains and away from life but guiding us deeper into our bodies so that we can evolve and awaken within everyday life, maintaining our responsibilities, desires and wishes.

AuraTransformation is here to support us in the integration of embodied spirituality and move us into the new time consciousness, where spirit merges with the physical world, no separation.


AuraTransformation is a powerful opportunity for anyone who is ready to take their awakening or personal development journey to the next stage, anyone ready to finally move out of old outdated belief systems and ideas they hold about themselves and about the world.  It’s an exciting, progressive method that is calling us into more responsibility so we can begin to take action towards our Dharma and change the trajectory of our planet.

It is accelerating the healing process in a profound way, releasing all that no longer serves us and creating a life that’s foundations are built on balance, love, ease and grace.

What are the benefits?

  • Greater awareness of yourself, others and the environment

  • Stronger intuition and drive

  • Clarity of life purpose

  • Clearer communication

  • Direct contact with your consciousness

  • Creating more understanding in relationships

  • Building more effective networks, so we can work together more efficiently

  • More joy, passion and purpose

  • Charisma and magnetism grows

  • Becoming a heart centred human being

  • More energy and the ability to keep your own energy to yourself

  • Make healthier life choices that support your highest growth.

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